Our press is composed of two divisions, each unique and catering to the
mission of Wellstone and the needs of authors. Originally established in
1995, the press was resurrected in February 2012 as a publisher of
literary works, as well as full-service publications service for book-length
texts, including university and commercial catalogs and technical manuals.

Wellstone Press
Wellstone Press publishes three to six books annually. One to two books are published with a standard industry contract. The others are published collaboratively with authors and publisher sharing expenses. Using these two models Wellstone is able to sustain itself while serving
the literary community. We provide the support, editorial guidance, and marketing services needed to find an audience for your work.

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Throughout the publishing process, authors have easy access through email or telephone. We pride ourselves on our hands on collaborative editing and design style, as well as a production schedule that meets the needs of your book.
Wellstone Press focuses on fiction, poetry, nonfiction narratives, and literary essays. We  also work with writers/translators. Our goal is to expose readers to powerful writers and literatures that remain unknown or underexposed.

Wellstone Publications

Wellstone Publications is dedicated to working with writers and institutions that do not fit under the mission of Wellstone Press. This division of Wellstone works with authors of every genre, as well as business, government institutions, and universities.
We produce books of all kinds, including art books and catalogs, university catalogs, historical documents, and more.

Wellstone Press


Wellstone Press offers a unique publishing model for worthy authors exhausted from playing the game of submissions and contests. We provide the support, editorial guidance, and marketing services needed to find an audience for your works.

You will have easy access to us through email or phone throughout the process, from initial contact, editorial stages, collaborative design and a production schedule that meets the needs of your book.





Wellstone Publications is a full-service publications agency, specializing in book-length publications, while also providing services for catalogs, brochures, newsletters, and posters.

Our services include copywriting, editorial, design and publishing services for businesses and writers.

Email or call us for more information and to discuss your needs. Together, we’ll determine whether you need to work with Wellstone Press or Wellstone Publications.


Wellstone Publications

Wellstone Press & Pulications has a rich history of producing execellent publications in nonfiction, poetry, prose and more.

Our authors range from governmental institutions to poets. We are fully capable of handling large jobs as well as individual jobs.



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Nonfiction narratives

Literary essays



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