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Wellstone Press: About Us

Committed to excellence and passionate about language


Jonah has more than twenty-five years working as a private and university instructor, running poetry and writing groups, and one-on-one mentorship. He has worked for major publishing houses, such as Prentice Hall, Harcourt Brace and Scholastic Books, and has taught literature and creative writing at universities in New York City and Oregon. His ethic is to help his clients achieve excellence by listening to their needs and the voice and tone inherent in their writing. He takes great care in his editorial practice, to ensure that every client's  style and approach is respected and fostered.​

Founder & Chief Editor:

Jonah Bornstein works closely with authors to develop and prepare their works for publication.
He has taught poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction at universities in New York City and Oregon. He was cofounder and director of the Ashland Writers Conference.

In working with Jonah, I have come to realize that what makes him extraordinary as an editor is not only his skill with the English language, but his ability to facilitate the voice of each writer he works with. In my case, hearing my distinctive voice as a poet, the voice of the poem, and being able to bring out the best of both, are unique capabilities and talents which I have come to value highly. This is why I have continued to work with him as my editor.


                                                                                                     — Client, Bruce Barton


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