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Sky and Me

Personal  Essays

by Ruth Lercher Bornstein

The shadows are more beautiful than the actual leaves, the magnified shapes more clear. I've never seen this before. The shadows like this. The early sun shining through the glass doors into the room like this. The wind shaking the tree like this.

I step into the shifting patterns. Into the leaves. Into the flickering light between the leaves. The light just right like this, the wind just right like this. I'd have missed it if I'd stayed in bed.  Read more. . .






The Well-Versed Parent

by Jane E. Hunter, MD

IN this unique book on parenting and child development, Dr. Hunter combines essays on the stages of child's and parent's journey through the child's teen years. Dr. Hunter 


Woman's Journey: A Life in Paintings
"Rebecca Gabriel gives us potent insight into the inner and outer journey of the artist in critical times. That journey is one of the woman artist makes the revelation that much more poignant and profound" —Jean Houston,  Renowned author featured on shows such as Oprah

Read more. . .



The Last Poems
of the 20th Century

People who don't know what to do with a silent person often stifle what they already cannot hear.
                     —from "Silent Person"

In his mind he tried on those angelic days when the label businessman no longer fit
                    —from "1949"

"Bruce Barton's wise and understated poems of domestic love, frailty, guilt, allegiance and mystery, are deeply moving. The theme of writing itself is here— the frustrations and processes; learning completion before perfection and to retain his humor, even while he muses that 'we dreamers of the world ride on borrowed freedom.'"
 — Sharon Doubiago, Love On The Streets, 
Selected New Poems


The Book of Baruchio


"The Book of Baruchio contains the outpourings of a spiritual man, who wrestles and dances with Hashem. Bruce Barton’s poems are divine sparks inseparable from his faith as the words of the Torah are from the Torah scroll itself.”
  —Willa Schneberg, 
      In the Margins of the World,
      winner of the Oregon Book Award

WIN, Change Your Thinking 
Change Your Destiny

by Rabbi Stephen Baars


“Winners don’t have more stamina or built-in genius, they have just learned how to think in ways that get them the results they want,” says motivational expert Rabbi Stephen Baars.

 ost of us believe that motivation creates success, but in this book you’ll learn that it’s the other way around: It’s knowing that you are going to succeed that creates motivation. Winners have learned how to make challenging goals easy, but easy doesn’t mean lower. The trick is to take the goals you really want, and make THEM easy.

Winners don’t have more stamina. They just have better ideas. They don’t have higher IQs. They just have great strategy.

This book will change your thinking, just by reading it.


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