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ISBN: 978-1-930835-04-7

Weight: 0.5 Lbs

Pages: 105

Cover art: Michael John Koester

Design: Jonah Bornstein


Wellstone Press

The Last Poems of the 20th Century

Born with a fountain pen in my hand
my writing went from being stored
on the walls of my many bedrooms
to the drawers of my favorite desks
inside folders of ever expanding cabinets
into files on faster and bigger computers
onto heavy bright paper in laser printers
mocked-up in loose leaf notebooks
through edgy layouts of a wild-minded artist
spit out on presses of a commercial printer
to finally become a completed book

People who don't know what to do with a silent person often stifle what they already cannot hear.
                     -- from "Silent Person"

In his mind he tried on those angelic days when the label businessman no longer fit
                     -- from 1949

"Bruce Barton's wise and understated poems of domestic love, frailty, guilt, allegiance and mystery, are deeply moving. The theme of writing itself is here— the frustrations and processes; learning completion before perfection and to retain his humor, even while he muses that 'we dreamers of the world ride on borrowed freedom.'"
                     -- Sharon Doubiago, Love On The      
                        Streets, Selected New Poems

Bruce Barton is also co-author of A Path through Stone: A Cycle of Poems and creator of Baruchio’s Blessings; Poems and Prayers; The Dreamers of the World; Balls; It’s Never Too Late; and Dialogue With A Dead Soldier. He is currently completing two additional books for Wellstone Press.

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