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Our press is composed of two divisions, each unique and catering to the mission of Wellstone and the needs of authors. As a publisher of literary works, as well as full-service publications service for book-length texts, including university and commercial catalogs and technical manuals. 

Standard discounts for ibraries, bookstores and schools. Please contact for discount and sales information.



Whether you are looking for one-on-one mentorship, line editing, or content assistance, Wellstone Press is your ally for excellence. We can help you build your publication from scratch, or take a work already well underway and hone it to world-class publishng standards.




Our team has handled textbooks, chapbooks, nonfiction, fiction, magazines, newsletters and everything inbetween. Wellstone Press and Publications' philosophy of design is geared toward achieving elegance thrugh simplicity and functionality.

Book Launch

From planning book tours, generating promotional materials, assisting with speaking preparation, and developing partnerships with bookstores and online vendors, Wellstone Press and Publications is ready to help launch your publication to success.

I have been involved with Mr. Bornstein on several publication projects, including Voices of the Siskiyous, a chapbook of five poets; Desert, another chapbook of mine; and in 2011, his guidance, encouragement, and expertise were invaluable in the publishing of my book, The Chemistry of Buddha's Brain.
     Over these years, Jonah and I have developed a close professional working relationship and it is my intention to work with him well into the future. 

                                                                               — Client, Marcy Greene

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