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Non-fiction | $12.00

Dancing Leaves

The shadows are more beautiful than the actual leaves, the magnified shapes more clear. I've never seen this before. The shadows like this. The early sun shining through the glass doors into the room like this. The wind shaking the tree like this.

I step into the shifting patterns. Into the leaves. Into the flickering light between the leaves. The light just right like this, the wind just right like this; I'd have missed it if I'd stayed in bed.

Once I thought if only I had a little round table covered with a red and white checkered tablecloth like Penelope's, I could sit in a little kitchen like hers, next to a window like hers, and make myself a cup of tea and write and I'd be happy. If only I had my big vegetable garden and could hold hands with a watermelon vine again. If only. . . .

I have only one tree. But today the patterns of leaves are shifting and swaying and I'm stepping in the spaces between the shadows, and the light is just right, the wind is just right, and I got up early, and I'm dancing with the leaves on my living-room floor.


ISBN: 978-1-930835-00-9

Weight: 0.5 Lbs

Pages: 70

Cover art: Ruth Lercher Bornstein

Design: Jonah Bornstein


Brought up in rural Wisconsin, Ruth Lercher Bornstein has written and illustrated numerous books for children and has been a dedicated painter for over fifty years. The mother of four, Ruth now lives, paints, writes and walks, and always carries a notebook, in Santa Monica

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