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Poetry | $16.95

Wisteria and Pine


This devotion, only the bees savor: golden, stirring.
No pageantry, their names for each other are like this,

every day an innocent rosary of years, as if nothing
can displace them. Beneath their arbor, deer have lain,

grass fashioning the elegant stitch of rest. And the pair
of horses? The corral is empty today, mud trembling

with hoofprints half filled with spring’s embrace.
Beneath the wisteria’s unrestrained enthusiasm the pine

anchors those dazzling clusters of purple, nourishes the
leaning like a common lover, full of promises of amber and

shooting stars. the sway of elbows and curves fits comfortably
and after so many seasons lifting together into the shine

and the darkness, how we might rest on each other’s breasts,
manna and manure becoming part of our ripened pleasure.

ISBN: 978-1-930835-04-7

Weight: 0.5 Lbs

Pages: 105

Cover art: Michael John Koester

Design: Jonah Bornstein


Marcy Greene is also author of Desert and co-author of Voices of the Siskiyous.

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